PlayStation State Of Play Announcements Roundup: Star Ocean, PS Plus, Bugsnax, And More


PlayStation State Of Play Announcements Roundup: Star Ocean, PS Plus, Bugsnax, And More

Here’s all of the news from Sony’s latest livestream event.

Every Reveal from Playstation State of Play March 2022 in 4 Minutes

Here are all the game trailers and reveals from the March Playstation State of Play!

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PlayStation Stars – State of Play Sep 2022 Digital Collectibles First Look | PS5 & PS4

A first look at some of the digital collectibles players will be able to earn through our new loyalty program, PlayStation Stars.

PlayStation Stars will begin rolling out to most markets starting in Asia in September 2022, with launches in the Americas and Europe to follow. More details to come.

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PlayStation Stars New Challenges and Awards | November 2022

Playstation stars has entered its second month since launch, and today we are bringing you all challenges and rewards for November.

playstation stars is a loyalty service in which you can win collectibles or points for doing monthly or daily challenges.
You can then spend those points to get psn wallet fund, games or uncommon collectibles.

Service has added 3 new challenges today, first one is playstation store picks, where you need to buy one of 6 new games to win 50 points. we recommend you to buy Modern warfare 2, or if you are on budget, then pick Brewmaster game which is only $18 on ps store.

Next challenge is a fun one, to win this challenge you will need to use remote play for at least 5 minutes 4 times this month, and for doing so you will win 75 points.

third challenge is a regular fighting challenge, in which you need to pick one of fighting games from the list and win the match. Finish this challenge and you will win Incorruptible Determination Arcade machine collectible.

And thats all for the start of the November, its great to see that bonus points are not given only for buying games, remote challenge looks really fun and gives you 75 points which is pretty much for such a easy task. See you later this month when we will update you with more playstation stars challenges.

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State of Play | June 2, 2022 [ENGLISH]

Rated RP – Mature

Tune in for nearly 30 minutes of announcements and updates from the world of PlayStation.

We’ll have some exciting reveals from our third party partners, plus a sneak peek at several games in development for PlayStation VR2.

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